MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Midland ISD, with a donation by the Permian Strategic Partnership as well as federal grants, will be working to reward highly effective principals for improving student outcomes at their campuses.

According to a release by MISD on Monday, they will allotting $300,000 over the next three years to give stipends to principals who qualify.

“At the Permian Strategic Partnership, we recognize the pivotal role that public education plays in cultivating and attracting a robust talent pipeline for our region,” said Tracee Bentley, PSP President & Chief Executive Officer. “Our Principal Incentive Allotment program, which rewards principals based on student performance, serves as a catalyst in fortifying strong leadership within our schools.”

“This, in turn, directly enhances every student’s educational experience and outcomes, while also demonstrating our dedication to both recognizing and investing in the Permian’s promising future,” Bentley continued.

MISD says the design process is still underway, with hopes of rolling out the program by December.

“I’m excited that we’ll be able to compensate highly effective campus leaders,” he said.

The school district says the stipend is inspired by the state’s Teacher Incentive Allotment program and Opportunity Culture initiative, which both increase highly effective teachers through stipends.

“We want to make sure our principals are rewarded, as well,” Cedillo said.