From under performing schools to top performing charter schools, Bethany Solis says IDEA Schools are where all children can succeed and that they are just what Travis Elementary needs to get back on track.

”When you walk into an IDEA School you should sort of breath, feel, taste, touch all things’ college prep, all things about joyful learning,” says the Executive Director of IDEA Permian Basin.

A task that takes two main ideals: ”total focus on teaching and learning and a really powerful school culture and there is a lot that goes into that but that’s what it really boils down to,” says Solis

According to IDEA their well-trained staff allows teachers to just be teachers. ”We have a model where we have leaders that can focus on all the operational aspects of schools so that principals and assistant principals and teachers can focus solely on teaching.”

Elise Kail with MISD says, ”we see this as an opportunity to really elevate the learning for our Travis students when the partnership begins in August 2020.”

According to Kail, their track record spoke for themselves saying ”we’ve engaged with several outside partners about what it would look like if they came in and partnered with the District and IDEA rose to the top.”

Solis adding that ”the community is hungry for change, they’re hungry for a really great school for their kids, and we’re really excited to meet with them and hear more directly from them tonight.”

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