Hurricane Harvey Aftermath Seen By West Texans


Heavy rain, wind and flooding. Hurricane Harvey, devastating homes and lives.

“I’ve lived in Midland for a little bit now, but I did come from the Houston heights area, to see Harvey and all of our friends still down there and you know, places that we used to work and places we used to frequent often, like restaurants and parks and stuff like that, to see that all under water was really hard,” said Taylor Hoagland.

Taylor Hoagland moved to Midland from Houston. Seeing her old neighborhood under water inspired her to do all she could to help the city of Houston, and her old neighbors bounce back.

“The best I could do was rally everybody in my neighborhood and you know, get stuff, supplies and send down,” said Taylor.

Taylor shared pictures with her Facebook friends fully capturing what loved ones were going through, asking West Texans to help in any way they could.
“People were so generous I didn’t expect the turnout that we got. I mean everyday for a week, I would come home and just stuff everywhere on my front porch,” said Taylor.

But the flooding didn’t stop there. Houstonians relocated all across the country, including right here in the Basin. Ector County Schools enrolling thirty-two of those displaced young lives and Midland schools enrolling seventeen.

“They are traumatized, their homes are gone, their records are gone. Let’s get them enrolled and give them something stable in their lives which could be our schools,” said E.C.I.S.D. Superintendent, Tom Crowe.

The schools were over-capacity. But E.C.I.S.D. Superintendent Tom Crowe said capacity was not a factor.

“We’re well over-capacity but you know they’re displaced and there’s records in many cases, destroyed. So basically I told our campuses, enroll them. We’ll figure it all out later.” said Crowe.

The Permian Basin coming together to help our friends from Southeast Texas.

“I’m not from here but the hospitality of West Texans just incredible,” concluded Taylor.

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