Hundreds participate in Tall City Memorial Stair Climb climb


MIDLAND, Texas- Over 500 climbers came to Grande Communications Stadium for the fourth annual Tall City Memorial Stair Climb.

Last year’s event was cancelled due to COVID-19 issues, so this stadium was chosen due to COVID-19 concerns and it allowed for more people to be able to climb.

This is the first year community members have been allowed to participate and many took advantage of that opportunity.

“Anytime we have a chance to thank our first responders we should do that because they’re putting their lives on the line every single day,” said climber Scott Biscoe.

“Us to be out here supporting them, I think really helps encourage what they do for a living.”

“I think sometimes we forget we take advantage of the fact that they’re also everyday people lives on the line to keep us safe,” said climber Deedee Biscoe.

The first year in an open stadium gave the first responders a chance to see the large amount of support from West Texans.

The community’s involvement certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

“It’s an adrenaline rush for us,” said Midland County Sheriff David Criner.

“They’re out here because they love and support the law enforcement and first responders, the firemen. It just gives us that will to go on and we appreciate that.”

Participants followed a path around the stadium four times equaling to about 110 stories, the height of each Twin Tower.

Instead of just saying they’ll never forget, they’re actively remembering America’s fallen heroes.

“Every climber is climbing with a nametag and it has the name of a fallen first responder on it that they’re climbing in their honor of,” said Midland Fire Department Battalion Chief and event coordinator Bryce Pruitt.

“So everyone here isn’t climbing just to climb, they’re not doing it for a workout they’re climbing with a first responder’s name around their neck that they’re climbing specifically in memory of a single person.”

Mourning the loss of those who died 20 years ago was somber. However, there was hope in the air in that their memory will live on forever and they will truly never be forgotten.

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