MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – As it gets colder as the days go by, humans aren’t the only ones getting cold this Winter. Animals are taking a hit from the low temperatures as well.

Last year, in February there was a deadly toll on animals and people due to the low temperatures. This year people in the Permain Basin want to be more prepared for their pets.

Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals in Midland says, “if it’s too cold for you to sit outside without a sweater. it’s too cold for them to be outside, cause even if they have hair it’s a T-shirt and pants for us they don’t hold in a lot of heat”
and they also said that they prepare their animals every day with multiple blankets, igloos, inside kennels, and sweaters for their pets if they keep them outside.

A Midland Resident Pedro Garcia said, “It’s a human’s best friend.. treat them as if they were a child.”