How to beat the heat and still have a good time as Summer heats up


Summer fun in the hot sun for many people in the Basin beating the heat is a top priority.” With heat illnesses it’s kinda a spectrum of a disease it can start out with you getting over heated and the symptoms will progressively get worse as you get as the heat illness becomes more severe,” says Dr. Terry L. Beck.

According to the Doctor a good indication you could be experiencing a heat illness is by not sweating. ”One of the things about sweat is as it evaporates it allows cooling of the body so there is a purpose and a reason for people to perspire.”

Dr. Beck says certain clothing while out in the heat can actually help, especially for workers who have to be outside. ”Actually wearing a long sleeve shirt that’s not thick can actually help prevent damage to the skin and from the sun.”

As for who to pay extra attention to? The elderly and young kids

”They’re out in the pool or out in the sun running around, and they don’t always they might realize that they are thirsty, but they are too busy playing to want to go get some cool water,” says Dr. Beck

But we can’t forget our furry friends who  tag along for those Summer adventures.

”Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do for yourself. I mean if you’re going out make sure you’re safe and make sure they’re safe,” says Henry S. Lide, D.V.M from the University Small Animal Clinic in Odessa.

According to the Vet it’s not always the best idea to walk your pets in tipple digit heat.

”The concrete gets awful hot they can burn their pads, there could be trauma to their feet if it’s pretty hot.”

A good rule of thumb? If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. ”If you take off your shoes and put your feet on there you’ll know that if it’s too hot for you it would be too hot for them.”

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