How students and health providers can help the rural health crisis


For counties like Pecos, Winkler and Seminole finding Health Care can be a problem.

Adrian Bilings, M.D Ph.D saying “it’s well known in the medical literature that living in a rural area is more dangerous to ones health because of the lack of resources.”

The Chief Medical Officer & TTU Professor adding  it was his personal experience serving these communities that inspired him to make a change.

“There is such a great need. I find that coming and speaking outside the area gives me an opportunity to be advocates for my patients that may not have voices.”

But the disperity goes beyond just Doctors, Elisa Williford, Area Health Edu. Center Director, saying “it’s also administrators, things that don’t require seeing a patient.”

But for patients in a medical emergency every second counts.

According to Dr. Bilings “in trauma anyways the first hour is called the ‘golden hour’ and many times in rural areas, especially in these geographically sparse areas, that hour is eaten up just in transportation to get a patient to the emergency room. Patients can arrive in a really critical state to get to an emergency room.”

Incentives like scholarships and repayment programs are being offered to help entice people to join the health profession in rural areas.

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