How social media can land you in big trouble


Two freshmen from Permian High School are now facing possible felony charges. This all stems after they sent a Snapchat threatening to have a “shootout” at the school.

“This is no joke. It is not a joke you want to do to get a day off,” says Lieutenant Jeff Daniels of the Ector County ISD Police Department. “That’s what their intentions were, they wanted to get out of school. They didn’t think there would be this much tied to what they were doing.”

According to the ECISD Police, the two freshmen involved are now looking at possible terroristic threat charges: a third-degree felony.

Over at the Ector County Youth Center where the students were taken Tuesday night, they say that a felony charge on a juvenile is a complex process.

“If a child goes into court, they go before the court and have a lawyer. The judge looks at their case and the judge decides,” says James Jones of the Ector County Youth Center.

The Youth Center says when juveniles turn 18 they get a clean slate, but past felonies don’t completely disappear.

“The only time that felony is going to come up, is if you are an adult and you commit another felony,” says Jones. “Then that can be used against you.”

Police think that the threats were baseless, and do not believe the boys planned to actually do anything. But, a threat even through Snapchat should always be taken seriously.

“If we just blew something off, and then somebody goes to school and shoots it up what are you going to say about your dead kid? Hey you all knew about this and didn’t do anything? They told you, why didn’t  you do something,” says Jones.

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