How one local business is helping animals in need


Beatriz  has been the owner of Fresco’s for almost a year and she says if more businesses would come together and help one another Odessa can improve. 

 “In general if we stick together to solve these problems, whether it’s with school or animals, Odessa/Midland can help take care of each other,” says the Juice Bar owner.

Owning a rescue animal herself, she encourages the community to do the same.

“There is so many animals that don’t have homes and honestly any dog you find is going to love you.” 

The President of the Animal Humane Society says she isn’t  surprised that Odessa has a problem with overcrowded Shelters.

According to DeAnn Wilson, “they don’t like the dogs that they’ve bread so they dump them off on the street in boxes.” 

She says the laws arent much protection either. “They have no spay or neuter laws in this city. That’s a big problem.”

As for helping the current animals? The low buget makes it hard to do more. “Our monthy budget is probably nine thousand dollars,” says Wilson 

A budget quickly taken up by cleaning supplies, bills, updated shots and the few workers they can afford to pay.

What many don’t know is that The Odessa Animal Humane Society is also a ‘no kill’ shelter. Wilson saying “we’ll keep them untill find a home or they die with us.”

Words that bring comfort to Local Business Owner Bianca Sanchez, “It’s sad but then at the same time i’m happy because i know that there’s places where I can take them.”

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