How one advocacy center is helping families in a tough situation get help


The Child Advocacy Center can be a place for support for parents who are in situations where children have  been exploited. ”They talk to them about  what to expect at this point, what other services are available to them at the center and what needs they might have,” says Paula Cox, The Education Director of MRCCAC 

The Advocacy Center usually gets a call from authorities  when there is a problem. ”Call a CPS report in, call a Police report in, notify the Police, and from that point they will then contact us”

Paula cox says this is where her team can step in. ”The interview is different, they’re highly trained with developmental stages of children, how to talk to the child cause it’s not just a matter of asking a question they ask non leading questions.”

This creates an open environment where children are comfortable to say what is on their mind. According to Cox, ”anything that a child wants to say they can just freely state through the interview with that interviewer they’re trained through the CAC of Texas to do interviews specifically like this.”

According to Cox often times someone exerts their power over the victim and it can be difficult for kids to speak out ; ”kids don’t necessarily tell soon, their scared, their groomed to not tell”

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