How House Bill 917 could help local law enforcement


We see commercial motor vehicles drive through the Basin just as much as the busiest parts of the country. For local law enforcement, keeping them in check, can be a problem.

“This all comes about from a round table meeting with rural law enforcement officers,” says James Beauchamp, the President of MOTRAN.

Beauchamp says that right now local law enforcement can’t even enforce certain CMV violations, only DPS can.

“One of the easiest ones is oversized and overweight trucks,” says Beauchamp. “To check and make sure that they have a permit. Most of them don’t and they can’t pull them over.”

But with today’s oil boom here in West Texas, commercial vehicles are around more than they have ever been.

That’s why proposed House Bill 917 would change this restriction.

“Those areas that have high levels of energy activity, could send an officer to Austin and do the DPS CMV enforcement training,” says Beauchamp.

This would especially benefit places like Kermit and Andrews, which see heavy CMV traffic. And for MOTRAN and others, overall make those areas safer places to work and live.

“It not about writing tickets. It’s not about generating revenue,” says Beauchamp. “It’s about sending a call to them that look, this type of behavior has to stop. And we have got to do a better job out there.”

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