How Forsan ISD arms teachers through the “Guardian Program”


Since the mass shooting in Florida, arming teachers in schools has become a heated debate. However heading into Forsan, you can see it as soon as you drive on campus: a sign warning Forsan ISD may be armed.

“We sent out a parent letter once the decision was kind of rolling with things, ever since then the support has been overwhelming,” says Randy Johnson, the Forsan ISD Superintendent.

Called the “Guardian Program” different employees in the school district are designated to be armed, each one anonymous.

“We do not want them to be a target either so it’s important for us to keep them confidential, keep them anonymous,” says Johnson.

To even qualify for the guardian program comes with extensive requirements. A previous ownership of a license to carry, training with the sheriff’s office and a psychological test just to name a few.

“Certainly we wanted to find people who could handle those situations well, who could stay calm,” says Johnson.

For Johnson, he understands arming teacher may raise some eyebrows, and he says the program might not be for every school district.

“I personally believe that each school district needs to evaluate it for themselves, and that it is not for everybody,” says Johnson.

While the signs planted around campus do give off a stern waning, Johnson says it’s not meant to boast in any way. But it is meant to give everyone at Forsan ISD that extra safety.

“We do want to take a thoughtful measured approach, and have that extra tool  to protect our students and staff members,” says Johnson.

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