House fire destroys Odessa home


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – A house fire on Saturday left a family who had lived there for almost 40 years with almost nothing.

Everyone in the house got out–but their lives have been turned upside down and money has been tight.

Late Saturday afternoon, Nancy Spencer was sitting on the couch at home by her husband while her daughter was in the other room.

“After a couple minutes I smelled something burning, so I got up and went to the kitchen,” said Spencer.

“I opened up the cabinets under our kitchen sink and took a big whiff and I definitely smelled fire. So I open the back door and saw that our porch was on fire.”

Everyone got out of the house unharmed.

Video recorded by a neighbor shows firefighters at the back of the house where Spencer discovered the fire.

Her neighbors have been there for her family at every turn.

“[They] got me a purse to put my new burned drivers license in,” said Spencer.

“They were wonderful supplying us with things that we were going to need right away that night. Flashlights, blankets and some chairs to sit on.”

The house has been the family’s home since 1982.

Spencer wants to come back and continue to be around the people who have been a support system for her entire family.

“The hope is to get another little house and insert it back out there in our old neighborhood with our wonderful neighbors,” said Spencer.

Since the fire, the Spencers have been living with friends and other family members.

To help the family you can donate to their GoFundMe.

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