Hotel Settles is located in Big Spring and was orignilly built in the 1930’s. It has since been preserved to keep it’s charm. But, locals say with that charm comes ghost stories. 

Aryn Hunter is a Big Spring native. She said she has had friends work at the hotel and they would tell her their spooky encounters. 

“A friend of mine use to work there and she went down into a lower part, I am not sure where exactly,” said Hunter. “But, she said she actually saw a ghost of a little girl holding like a ball or something like that.” 

Stories like these are not new for Big Spring residents. Hunter said she once went to the 13th floor of the 15-story hotel and she wanted to leave immediately. 

“I didn’t think anything of it I was like oh cool they have a thirteenth floor and it felt very uncomfortable,” said Hunter. “I was very uneasy like I just felt really bad vibes and I just really wanted to get out of there.” 

After the hotel was abandoned for 30 plus years, Hotel Settles was renovated in 2006 under a 30-million dollar budget. 

Laken Anderson is a Big Spring Resident who said she has not personally stayed at the hotel but her friends would tell her their ghostly encounters.

“I’ve had friends work there and say the glasses from the bar would fly off of the shelves and stuff like that,” said Anderson.

Delma Garcia works right across the street from Hotel Settles. Garcia said she would have clients come in who have stayed at the hotel and tell her their expereinces. 

“A client that was not from Big Spring had experienced baby crying like constituently,” said Garcia “They had asked if they could check next door to make sure the baby was okay and she had told them there was no baby next door.” 

However, the “haunted” activity does not seem to effect the hotel’s business. In fact the beautifully renovated hotel seems to stay very busy.