Since the economy dropped, the City of Midland is facing a free fall when it comes to sales tax revenue.

They’ve faced double-digit percentage drops over the course of the last year, in December that changed a bit. City Public Information Officer Sarah Bustilloz said they had a 0.5% drop, almost leveling them out in comparison to last year.

“We’ve finally hit the bottom after free falling for quite some time and now hopefully we’ll see it rebound a little bit,” Bustilloz said.

A little glimmer of hope, has to do with holiday shoppers. Bustilloz says as citizens shop local, it’s contributing to that sales tax revenue the city needs so they don’t have to cut budgets.

“Hopefully we had a really great holiday shopping season and people decided to shop local and we continue to see some good numbers coming in,” she said.

Local businesses also urging residents to “keep it local” during the holidays, helping all of the Tall City’s mom and pop stores and contributing to the economy.

“Keeping it local and keeping your money here benefits all of us!” Co-Owner of Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store Kathy Harrison said.

Bustilloz tells Local 2/Fox 24 that they normally do see and uptick in revenue when the holidays roll around.

“We usually do see a boost in spending during the holiday season, we encourage people to shop locally because that really does affect what we’re able to do here as a city government for providing services for citizens.”

Some of those services include park up-keep, maintaining roads, and infrastructure.

Bustilloz says they haven’t seen the result of December’s sales tax revenue, but they’ll have it in a couple of months.