ODESSA, Texas — A local family is getting some much needed help after a devastating house fire. The community rushed to lend a helping hand and here’s how.

Managers at a Dollar General Nearby are giving the family items and making donations to their cause in order to help the family rebuild. Late Sunday night, the family experienced the worst, when their beloved home went up in flames.

Now, the local homeowner is speaking out after losing so much when her house caught on fire.

Homeowner, Irene Salgado said they weren’t even home when the event transpired and only knew about the situation from those in the area.

Salgado adds, “our next-door neighbor called us and told us that our house was on fire. And we lost everything, everything is gone, I lost my medications, my oxygen tank, my c pap machine, we lost everything, clothes, nothing is safe.”

After the fire, the family went to their neighborhood Dollar General and were surprised at how much help they got from the community.

The managers of the store decided to take the extra step to help someone in their community.

“We went ahead and got her contact information, and we got her cash App and we set up a donation box here at the store, so pretty much just so if any of our customers would like to help donate since the majority of our customers are in the surrounding area and her neighbors,” mentions the Assistant Store Manager, Desiree Escobedo.

Once the news of the fire began to spread, a lot of people stepped forward to help.

“Just sorry, stay strong and we’re here for you all. We’re getting our donations ready and hopefully we can help as much as we can,” adds Escobedo

Fortunately nobody was hurt and now the family has created a gofundme account, attached to this article. They’re looking for any help they can get and just hoping to have their home restored.

“I appreciate the help and the more help that we get, I appreciate it. We need a home; we don’t have a home. I’m out of a home, that’s all I ask for,” says Salgado.

The family says they’re very thankful for what the community has done and are hoping to move past this terrible situation.