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Release of COVID-19 data varies by border community; Lawmakers call for centralized database

The coronavirus pandemic has thrust many communities into the role of daily communicators of information to the public and media. But how much information to give out on COVID-19 cases, and what might violate federal privacy laws has led to a myriad of confusion and vastly different amounts of details being released, especially among border communities. In South Texas, border counties greatly vary in what they release, and what they don’t. And several Democratic lawmakers are calling for more federal guidance right now, including more information released on racial, demographic and nursing homes affected by COVID-19.In South Texas, border counties greatly vary in what they release, and what they don’t. Adding to the confusion is Mexico’s lack of information regarding coronavirus patients and fatalities in its northern border towns, like Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Matamoros. That is particularly troubling to local officials who recognize the vast number of residents and business associates who are still crossing daily between countries for necessary travel and who could be carrying the contagion. Read Sandra Sanchez’s story here.

2 years before schools get back to normal, doctor says

Dr. Howard Taras, physician who works for San Diego Unified is predicting schools won’t return to “normal” for two years after they re-open. Once they do open, he is making a number of recommendations to keep students from getting COVID-19. Read Salvador Rivera’s story here.

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