MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Chef Alejandro Barrientos, owner of Curb Side Bistro in Midland and Odessa, is having some fun this Halloween season and took to Facebook to tell why he thinks his new Midland location might be haunted. 

“Since we moved into the new building at 607 N. Colorado, we’ve been having some weird things happening,” the chef said. 

Barrientos said he and his team have noticed tables moving, chairs knocked to the ground, and heard “strange” sounds late at night while closing or early in the morning. 

“Not only did our team notice all these weird things happening but our food vendors did too. One vendor swore he saw somebody walking to the bathrooms, only to find out he was the only person in the building,” he said. 

Last night, with all the rain, the chef said he received a burglar alarm notice that picked up notion in the main dining room, so he stopped by the restaurant to check out the security footage. What he saw when he arrived can be found in the video above.

Is the building haunted? Probably not- it seems the chef just wanted to find a fun way to promote his “scary delicious” sliders and fries.

If you’re looking for a spooky meal this Halloween season, Curb Side Bistro is open Tuesday through Saturday in Midland, as well as in Odessa, at 3816 Andrews Highway.