Governor Greg Abbott signed three bills into law Thursday morning.

The three aim to increase school security, provide improved mental health resources through schools, and remove the cap on the number of appointed marshals to school campuses.

Governor Abbott and the Texas Legislature stated Senate Bill 11, House Bill 18, and House Bill 1387 are a direct response to the Santa Fe High School shooting in 2018. Senator Larry Taylor stated everyone must do everything in their power to not repeat the catastrophic tragedy in any other Texas schools. 

“Our hearts remain with that community and with all of the families who’ve been harmed,” stated Abbott.

Midland Independent School District’s Executive Director of Secondary Education, Jeff Horner, says the district is already honing in on these newly filed laws.

“Right down to the mental health needs, we know that’s the need of our students to provide those resources, and you know, we’ve seen that need grow each year,” explained Horner. “We have put together a task force already to think through all of the the implications of Senate Bill 11 passing.”

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