Got Saturday plans? Here is how the weather is going to play out.


The weekend has arrived and so far it’s been a fair kind of morning, as West Texans are waking up to temperatures in the 70s. Can the Permian Basin look forward to temperatures increasing?

Based off of this past weeks temperatures and weather conditions the Basin has seen a ton of sunlight. And with the sunlight, brought near-normal temperatures for this time in August. As our Saturday settles in the sun will continue to make an appearance, increasing temperatures only to the mid to upper 80s across the area.

Once the afternoon arrives those calm winds traveling 5-10 miles per hour will be picking up into the upper teens to 15-20 miles per hour. And with it being a nice and fair day for the area, outdoor activities will be common. Due to the wind speeds picking up as the day progresses our pollen-caster reads that tree pollen is a high level, grass pollen at a low level, and weeds/dust is sitting at a moderate level so we advise you to take the necessary precautions that way you can make the most of your Saturday.

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