GOP gears up for Super Tuesday


Super Tuesday is next week in Virginia, and thousands of voters will come out to take part in electing the Democratic and Republican presidential nominee.

With primaries just around the corner, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz seem to stand out to Virginia politicians by gaining more political endorsements from Virginia’s legislators than any other Republican candidates.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Virginia) gave her endorsement to Marco Rubio last year.

“I think he is a strong conservative and a very informed member of Congress, and he has the vision we need to both unite the party and lead the country.”

Some Virginians, like Tom Crosby, said they will support Rubio in the primaries because of his leadership qualities.

“I think Rubio has more balance in his nature than the other two. I think he would be able to work with Congress better, and that is essential in a country that is so sharply divided.”

On the other side, you have Ted Cruz, who many laud for his devotion to and understanding of the Constitution.

“He is someone that has the background and means to understand the Constitution, partially because he was the former attorney general of Texas and Supreme Court litigator, but also because these are the things that he’s fought for during his Senate career,” said Beau Correll, a local attorney and Cruz’s Virginia campaign co-chairman.

Many who support Cruz saw his career as a sign of his ability to be a public servant.

“He filibustered what we wanted him to filibuster, tried to stop whatever we wanted him to try to stop as a constitutional Republican, and that is one of the main reasons that I support him,” said Mark Yarbarough, who said he has supported Cruz since 2008.

Ted Cruz is also getting some nods from notable Virginians like former attorney general, Ken Cuccenilli.

But Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio aren’t the only one’s who have endorsements from Virginia politicians.

Although he hasn’t necessarily been a front-runnier, John Kasich also has some endorsements from state delegates, like Virginia Beach representative, Glenn Davis (R-84th District).

“I like the idea of having a president that has done what they promise to do in the White House,” Davis said, citing Kasich’s promise to create a balanced budget if elected. 

According to Davis, Kasich’s governorship has prepared him to lead the country. 

Although the Republicans remain divided, there is one thing many can agree on when it comes to the presidential nominee.

“We need unity, and we need people who can compromise. We don’t need people who say, ‘my way is the only way or take the highway,'” Crosby said. 

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