Gnats infesting West Texas homes


PERMIAN BASIN, Texas ( ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Rolando Ochoa says he’s been dealing with a lot of gnats in his home lately, mostly in his kitchen.

“Flies and gnats usually all summer once spring hits they start infesting everything,” Ochoa said. “It’s frustrating because you’ll be sitting there trying to eat and you got these flies just buzzing around your head or gnats flying around your food and you’re just trying to get them all off.”

But Ochoa is not alone. Rusty Moon, Owner of Affordable Pest Control in Midland, says his company is averaging up to 100 calls a day to deal with this problem.

“Out of that, we are running about 15 to 20 customers maybe more every day and the big influx right now is due to weather,” Moon said.

Moon says with the extremely hot temperatures, that’s causing all types of bugs to move indoors.

“Everything is looking for water right now that’s why you are finding them in sinks, bathrooms, window seals an awful lot,” Moon said. “Everything is wanting water and the more water the happier they are.”

While Moon kills bugs by spraying the insides and outsides of homes, he says there are ways for homeowners to combat gnats.

” I recommend a lot of customers put bleach down their drains,” Moon said. “Half a cup of bleach and then run ice cubes and bleach down your garbage disposal, that helps and then from there call professional.”

As for homeowners like Ochoa, he says he’s gotten his house fumigated. But he’ll still be staying on guard for more bugs.

“Just try to get in the house as fast as possible, make sure I got bleach down the drains, keep the fly swatter handy just in case and just go with the flow.”

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