Gen-Z social activists making a difference through their online platform


(Nexstar) – What began as a celebration of diversity with inclusive apparel and accessories, has since evolved into a larger movement that empowers young people to make a difference in the world.

Through the education and action platform called Révolutionnaire, Founder’s Nia and Justice Faith have created a space where people from all backgrounds can come together and directly impact others.

Having just launched their social platform on June 2nd, this body of changemakers has gathered a team of more than 30 young social activists to carry out their mission of community building and fighting for social justice. 

“I recognize this is something that’s different and has allowed me to truly amplify my impact. The work I’ve done in Houston and D.C has been individual volunteer service. I never really thought to join with a team and other members to truly create change on a grand level.” says Lethan Hampton, Texas Rep. for Révolutionnaire.

Révolutionnaire has a large following on Instagram and has gained the attention of many young activists through their education and action platform.

“Between learning, connecting, taking action and then also recharging through a dedicated library around self-care and mindfulness is what you can do with Révolutionnaire and very much so sets us apart.” says Founder’s Nia and Justice Faith

You can find more information about Révolutionnaire here

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