Gasoline manufacturing facility coming to Ector County


Rendering of the Nacero facility in Penwell, Texas.

Will bring hundreds of jobs to the Basin

ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar)- Nacero Inc., a Houston-based company, and the Odessa Development Corporation have announced plans to build a multi-billion dollar lower carbon gasoline manufacturing facility in Penwell. 

The plant will produce thousands of barrels a day of a gas component that will be used to make gasoline.

The gasoline produced at the facility will contain no sulfur and have half the lifecycle carbon footprint of traditional gasoline. The gas will be made from a combination of natural gas, captured bio-methane and mitigated flare gas, according to a release. 

“I think talking about this on Earth Day is pretty cool,” said Wesley Burnett, Director of Economic Development for Odessa. “That’s what we need to do in the energy industry. We have to figure out how to do what we do cleaner, because we are going to drive cars with gasoline for as long as I’m around, probably.”

The plant will be the first in the US to make gasoline from natural gas and the first in the world to do so with carbon capture and sequestration the release reads.

Nacero gasoline will be usable in today’s cars and trucks without modification, will be sold locally in addition to being distributed widely, and will be cost competitive with traditional gasoline.

“They’re taking flare gas and natural gas into a process that manufactures gasoline, and they’re flaring gas all over the place out here, all over West Texas,” Burnett said. “Everybody is talking electric, but we believe most folks are going to drive their gasoline powered cars and this is a clean burning fuel that’s going to be doing that.”

The Odessa Development Corporation and the Economic Development Department of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce led the negotiations to bring the plant to Penwell.

“Ector County is the ideal location for us,” said Nacero President and Chief Executive Officer Jay McKenna. “From a geographic and logistics standpoint you can’t beat it. We will be a major new market and beneficial home for the natural gas that is currently flared in the Permian Basin. Our zero-sulfur gasoline will reduce ground level ozone in cities across Texas and the Southwest, which is causing illness and limiting economic growth.” 

Odessa Development Corporation Chairman Tim Edgmon said, ”This project proves once again that West Texas in general, and Odessa in particular, leads the nation in energy innovation and production.” 

Mayor Javier Joven said in a statement, “On behalf of the City of Odessa, we are very proud that Nacero has selected our community as the home for a first of its kind high-tech manufacturing facility in the State of Texas. This is an incredible project that advances the status of the Permian Basin, in particular Odessa, as a regional hub for energy innovation. We are grateful for Nacero for this significant investment that will have a tremendous impact on our local economy.”

Construction of the Penwell facility will employ a peak of 3,500 skilled workers during the four years of phase one construction.

When fully operational, the plant will employ 350 full time operators and maintenance personnel in three shifts with a forecast annual salary of approximately $85,000 per person.

Construction is slated to begin in Penwell before the end of this year.

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