MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – CASA of West Texas and the James A. Buddy Davidson Charitable Foundation hosted the “Full Circle Event” at the Bush Convention Center on Thursday.

“As I journeyed through the foster system, what I saw and as I was adopted, I was adopted by family members first, and so through the adoption by the family members, I got a different take and a different side of that area but then I was also hurt in a lot of ways,” said Tracy Fryar, Program Director for CASA West Texas “But I also got to see how the foster system especially the West Texas area is.” 

“As I was adopted the second time, beginning to be in a whole different family that was a different culture and a different religion, all of the fun stuff,” continued Fryar. “Getting to see a different dynamic and a different shift, and then getting a CASA advocate, it made the world of difference. So I got the best of both worlds and it definitely shifted and impacted me but it made me who I am today.”

With the focus on exploring the child welfare system, the event featured stories from those who experienced it firsthand.

You can learn more about CASA West Texas, and the work they do to help advocate for victims of child abuse, by heading to their website here.