From the classroom to the front lines for UTPB nursing students


ODESSA, TX. (NEXSTAR) — The University of Texas Permian Basin is working to send well-prepared nursing students into basin hospitals. It’s doing that with the help of some high-tech equipment, all in a clinical setting.

The program is now accepting applications for the next school year.
“When they finish our program they will have their BSN, they will be prepared to sit for their NCLEX which will give them their registered nurse license so after they’re done here they still have one piece left to do.” said Nursing Department Chair, Jessica Naiman.

With a pass rate of 91.7% the School of Nursing at UTPB trains many students who end up staying right here in West Texas. Much of the learning throughout the program is made possible by their high technology simulations.

“All the technology is really crucial, we need technology in order to simulate clinical experiences. And what that feels like it looks like at a hospital setting.” said Naiman.

“From the very basic nursing care too high fidelity models or we can simulate cardiac or I’m having a baby or an infant having problems in the NICU.” said Director of Nursing Simulation and Experiential Learning, Denise Dunne.

Working in an industry that was impacted the most by COVID-19, a lot has changed for the teaching aspect of nursing as well.

“We rely a lot more on technology. It really does help prepare the students. But patients are sicker now, every decade we get sicker and sicker patients and nurses need to walk into their hospital setting ready to support their patients take care of them and keep them safe.” said Naiman.

For some, it has increased their desire to enter the medical field.

“I think that’s really increased the students that are interested in nursing we do have several spots still available for nursing students that are ready to go so we definitely are trying to get through all our applicants and get students enrolled.” said Naiman.

“I think that it has made it more difficult I think that it has heightened someone’s wanting to go into nursing school or definitely changing her mind and going isn’t for me but for those that have come into nursing school during this time. I think we’re gonna be doing.” said Dunne.

Anyone that is interested needs to turn in their application to the campus by October 1st. To apply, click here.

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