Friends remember murdered Midland teen


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- A teen’s body was found in a ditch near the intersection of Parkway and Hollandale in Midland Saturday morning.

According to Police, the teen died of multiple gunshot wounds.

His friends say he is gone too soon.

Natalee Barrientes, the teen’s best friend said she found out what had happened to her friend via the internet.

“People were posting him and he wasn’t answering me, so I figured it was true and I texted his sister and she said it was true,” Barrientes said.

Barrientes still remembers vividly the last time she laughed with her friend.

“Like a couple of weeks ago, I went to go pick him up and he came out with these glasses. I was driving and I hit this really big bump and the glasses just flew off of him. It was so funny.”

Aliyaah Mcclean remembers the last time she spoke with her friend.

“He had called me. We were just talking about life, we were catching up and we were talking about playing the game later… playing fortnight together and that was it,” Mcclean said.

Aliyaah says her friend was so full of life. “He had the most contagious laugh and smile, he had the biggest heart, he deserved the world.”

She only wishes she could have said one last thing to him. “I wish I told him I loved him because I had not said it in so long.”

His friend Edgar says he was a confident young man and he will be missed by many. “Long-live Josh, I love you.”

Police are still investigating this case, but confirm two people have been arrested in connection to this murder.

Barrientes tells us there will be a balloon release for Josh on August 13th at 6:30 pm at the Hogan Park in Midland.

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