One important asset of the oil boom that is often overlooked is the frac sand industry.

Atlas Sand Monahans’ Plant Manager, Moe Connell, says the demand of frac sand has been on a steady rise, hand-in-hand with the demand of oil and gas.

“That’s what has created the opportunities for these companies to operate here in the Permian Basin,” said Connell.

He says the industry cracked the case a couple of years ago, when they discovered an abundant amount of high-quality frac sand right here in the Basin.

“After extensive testing of the sand,” explained Connell, “that it meets the requirements of the work that’s happening here local. It’s really helped create a new business here in the Permian Basin.”

Atlas Sand’s Vice President of Human Resources, Kirk Ginn, says the Permian Basin used to import a lot of frac sand from other areas. However, producing our own in the Basin has helped fracking companies in our area cut their operation costs in half.

“Because the price of transportation to bring sand from other parts of the country is so expensive,” said Connell.

Both Connell and Ginn say the fracking sand industry has been vital to the oil and gas industry. And as long as the oil and gas industry thrives, they will be in business.

“All these local communities are used to the booms and the busts. But what’s happening is the sand providers are allowing a more secure type of job and they’re also allowing more jobs for those that grew up here. And hopefully we can ensure that they stay here and raise their families here,” said Ginn.