Four Students Arrested in MISD Bus Incident

MIDLAND, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) - According to a release from the Midland Independent School District, six arrests have been made in connection with an assault that reportedly occurred on a bus back in January. 

Officials say throughout the investigation two coaches had been arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. 

Now four more students, believed to be involved in the assault, have been arrested, although the release from MISD does not specify what those students have been charged with. 

"Evidence of the behavior discovered during our investigation requires immediate action. I appreciate our police department and all district staff involved in this investigation for their professionalism and immediate attention to this matter. Their approach proves that the safety of our students is our number one priority and we will go above and beyond in protecting our students from any threat to their safety while in our care,” said Mr. Rod Schroder, MISD Superintendent. 

Both coaches, Irving Gomez and Rogelio Gutierrez have been fired from the district following a vote by the board of trustees Monday night. 

Gomez and Gutierrez were reportedly on the Midland ISD bus when students got out of hand back on Jan. 27.
According to a probable cause affidavit, the students and coaches were on their way to a basketball game when several students began acting up on the bus.
Behavior reportedly included, simulating sexual acts, yelling obscenities, amongst other lewd gestures.
Two students involved said they had been assaulted during the outburst of bad behavior.
One claimed that his clothes were partially stripped off and both said they were pinned to the ground by other students.
In the affidavit, officers review the video captured on the bus that day, which corroborates the account provided by the victims.
Furthermore, the authorities say the students continuously called for help and were met with comments from the coaches, or stern looks towards the back of the bus, according to the affidavit.
It notes several times in the affidavit that, Gutierrez and Gomez, “…did nothing to correct the behavior…”
Gutierrez was reportedly looking at his phone for a portion of the drive while Gomez was driving the bus, per the affidavit.
All the while, the affidavit states that the behavior continued and preceded to get more “hostile.”
“The students escalate their bad behavior and their sexual activity is in plain view of both coaches; who do nothing to intercede,” the affidavit reads.
The affidavit then goes on to say that coaches began threatening the students saying things such as, it would be there last game if “anyone reported the incident,” or “y’all better not put this on social media.”
The affidavit also states that Gutierrez told the students not to tell their parents about the incident or anyone else.
When only the students involved, including the victims, remained on the bus a coach asked the victims if they would say anything to which they replied no.
However, the affidavit states, “that environment, being surrounded by the people that had assaulted them, could be deemed hostile and possibly prohibit an outcry from being made.”
Both coaches have been charged with tampering with physical evidence.
District officials announced back on Feb. 1 that an investigation was underway regarding the incident.
In the release, officials said only that students exhibited “unacceptable behavior.”

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