Fostering Restoration Ministries’ Fall Festival promotes community around adoption and foster care parents


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – On the northwest side of Midland, Fostering Restoration Ministries is working to keep families together. Sunday, they held their annual Fall Festival to promote a community around fostering and adopting families. It creates a space for families to come together and offer support.

“We work with adoptive and foster families as well as CPS and agency workers like High Sky and Buckner.”

Bonnie West, Co Founder of Fostering Restoration Ministries

The fun included face-painting, horseback riding, a petting zoo, and more. Community partners like Domino’s chipped in to offer free food to the families coming in. The event is supposed to be biannual, but with COVID-19 restrictions, their spring event was cancelled. Sunday, they did their best to encourage mask wearing.

But amidst all the fun was a message. The organization not only wants to help kids in care, but also families in crisis. 2020 has been a hard year economically for many families, and they don’t want it to be the reason a child has to leave home. Stats show when a child doe shave to leave his or her home, odds are they won’t return.

“Most of the kids .. you have a 90 % chance, if you get removed from your home .. you have a 90% of going outside of your own county. You have a 60% chance of going 100 miles away outside of our region. So what we want to do is build up a community. Bonnie and Tyler want to do it through Fostering Restoration and we at Attic want to do this as well … To build a community that comes in and supports these families, not just the foster families but support the families in crisis.”

Matt Waller, Executive Director of Attic Foster Care

The idea is the kids who end up in foster care in the Permian Basin stay in the Permian Basin.

Tyler West, Co Founder of Fostering Restoration Ministries

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March 18 2021 03:00 pm