PECOS, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The formula shortage is affecting families across the country. Here’s what we can expect in the Permian Basin.

KMID/KPEJ spoke to an expectant mother in Pecos, who said that she had been to the local Walmart and they were limited to two to three options of formula along with limiting the number purchased to two per person. She has also gone online to order from stores like Target and Walmart and was faced with the same situation. The mother to be said she has decided that she will most likely depend on breastfeeding as the shortage has taken most of the alternative options off the table.

The Clinic Manager/Nutritionist at the Midland Women Infants and Children office, Tandria Colvin, stated that they have seen an increase in people coming in to their clinic worried about being able to get formula for their babies.

How does WIC work?

Families first need to apply for the benefit. The application can be done on line at Texas WIC.

If they qualify, families will be issued a WIC benefits card. They will receive benefits to purchase the formula at the stores.

The purchase limits mean that families will have to go multiple times a week to the grocery store to purchase enough formula.

Ms. Colvin suggested that mothers who have not yet given birth, first try breastfeeding. Then, look to incorporate formula with the consultation of their child’s pediatrician as babies, quite often, will have dietary restrictions that are unknown at birth. Alternative, “organic” formulas should also be discussed at your child’s next visit before parents try to change their formula.

Although, several TikTok videos have prompted mothers to create their own formula, Colvin discouraged mothers from going that route as vital minerals and vitamins needed for a baby’s growing body and brain could possibly be missing.

The recent recall and shortage has local families struggling to try to cope with feeding their babies currently.