MIDLAND, Texas– Midland Police have arrested three administrators and two coaches at Midland Christian School for failure to report with intent to conceal neglect or abuse. A student has also been arrested in connection to this case.

Police say the arrests have been made in response to staff members failing to report a sexual assault that happened a month ago. Now there has been a big reaction from past students and parents and some of them have spoken with ABC Big 2 News on how they feel, with this information now out in the open.

They have chosen to remain anonymous. Some say they aren’t shocked by the arrests, but believed this should have happened a long time ago.

“As sad as this is, I would’ve never dreamed that something that horrible was going on, but as far as cover ups and stuff it doesn’t surprise me.”

The information about the sexual assault was detailed in the police affidavit, and after hearing about the arrests, many people say they are disgusted by what happened to the student involved.

“I’m just sick by what I’ve heard, it’s sickening.”

Former students and parents are hoping that things change at the school.

“They’re supposed to be a Christian school, it’s supposed to be a loving school, it’s supposed to be a safe school and that was not my experience.”

“I hope justice is served and that this is what people are getting arrested for, and maybe things will change.”

Midland Christian School has since released a statement which said:

“Earlier today, Midland Police Department arrested five members of Midland Christian School’s administration.  While we value and desire transparency, we must protect the privacy of our students and maintain the best educational environment possible under these difficult circumstances.  Under advice from legal counsel, this will be our only statement on the matter at this time. 

The five administrators were notified of an alleged hazing incident involving some of our student athletes that resulted in school disciplinary action.  Subsequently, school leadership was contacted by MPD regarding the alleged incident.  Our school officials have and will continue to, cooperate with law enforcement and their investigation.  Currently, we have qualified acting administrators to supervise the campus, oversee student activities, support faculty, and maintain the day-to-day operation of the school.

The physical, spiritual, and emotional safety of our students is the most important responsibility we bear as educators and one we take seriously.  We appreciate the support and prayers of our Midland Christian parents, faculty, staff, and students as we continue leading, building, and equipping for Christ.

Jason Stockstill

President, Board of Trustees for Midland Christian School”

We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.