MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Former Midland High School linebacker Le’Brian Perez celebrated today as he rang the bell and was officially declared cancer free.

Last year, Le’Brian noticed pain in his leg following an off-season workout, which led to a multi-night hospital stay. On August 19, 2022, he was diagnosed with leukemia. The diagnosis effectively ended his high school football career and paved the way for a senior year full of doctor visits and treatment.

Le’Brian spent 28 days in intensive care in Dallas undergoing care focused on killing the cancer cells. Last winter while in remission, Le’Brian, his family, and doctors, decided the best course of treatment would be a bone marrow transplant to keep the cancer away. His younger brother, Brylee Perez, was declared a perfect match.

“He was just like ‘I’m basically saving your life bro’. I was like ‘Kind of yeah, I’ll give you props’,” said Le’Brian.

“I told LB I was like ‘Yeah, you’re the voice, I’m the hero. Now let’s go save the day’. And when we did the transplant, I saved the day,” said Brylee.

During stages two and three of his recovery, Le’Brian got to travel back to Midland each week. With Le’Brian home more often, he and his family got to see firsthand the local support in his fight against cancer. From the Midland football booster club to their church, to the greater Midland community, the Perez family received help from all over the Permian Basin.

Less than a year after his cancer diagnosis, Le’Brian took the stage at graduation. He was the last 2023 graduate to hear his name called and received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance. Today, he rang the cancer-free bell at Midland Memorial Hospital to celebrate and reflect on a whirlwind year. 

His next step? College: he will head to Lubbock this coming week to attend his first semester at Lubbock Christian University where he plans to focus his studies on the healthcare field.