ODESSA, Texas- More than a year into the pandemic flower businesses are still feeling the effects of COVID-19.

Flower stores in West Texas have been on a roller coaster since the pandemic began.

In some cases it’s drastically altered their business.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the flower industry hasn’t had a break. One type of event increased early in the pandemic and they had to work in uncomfortable circumstances.

“All the businesses had to shut down well, we really couldn’t shut down because we service funerals,” said Blooming Rose manager Leighann Melton.

“We had to work through some pretty sticky situation with there not being a vaccine yet.”

The pandemic has also affected supply chains which limits the options Blooming Rose can show its customers.

Getting flowers and dye chemicals from Central and South America as well as China has been inconsistent. Knowing what they will able to have in stock has been unpredictable.

“Just because you can get a carnation one week doesn’t mean you can get it the next week,” said Leighann.

“Each day is different so I’m handling it one day at a time.”

Other obstacles like Permian High School changing homecoming week haven’t helped.

Blooming Rose is now servicing happier gatherings like weddings which have increased, but not to pre-pandemic levels. These days business is as unpredictable as ever.

“It’s either real real high or real real low. It doesn’t seem to be anything in between,” said Leighann.

“It’s either a whole lot of problems at one time or it’s no problems.”

Blooming rose has been open in Odessa for 45 years.

School fundraisers, which aren’t happening as frequently, were another big part of its business. They hope more fundraisers will be back soon.