Flooding on Highway 158 causes helicopter rescue, blocks people from getting to work


It isn’t the shores of a lake. It isn’t the rapids either: it’s Highway 158.

After flash floods early Tuesday morning, it’s caused complete road closures. It even included a helicopter rescue.

“The infrared scope on the computer showed him hanging onto a tree. And he was worn plum-out exhausted,” says Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter.

Heading down Highway 158 and like every other truck you will have to turn right around. Even if you are like Dusty Sewell, who’s been waiting since seven in the morning to get to work.

“We’ve got 35 trucks now that are sitting at the truck stop waiting,” says Sewell. “But there is nothing we can do, we understand.”

And that understanding is something law enforcement is emphasizing with flooded roads. They say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“It’s a very, very dangerous act to drive a vehicle off into water that you do not know how deep it is and it is rushing,” says Painter. “It can kill you, and it can do it in a hurry.”

According to officials, Highway 158 will be closed indefinitely.

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April 22 2021 09:00 am