Flooding in Odessa neighborhoods


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – People living in central Odessa are concerned after heavy rain over the weekend caused major flooding. But residents say this is nothing new.

Tiffany Boatman and her family have seen many floods while living along Center Ave. in Odessa.

“Well every time it rains you know we obviously floods, it can get anywhere from the step right here or tight up near the door,” Boatman said. “This morning there was a mattress that flowed down the street and we had to get that moved so my father can
leave and go to work.”

But Boatman is not alone in dealing with this constant flooding.

” We can use some sandbags here because the water comes all the way up to the door and some of the houses in this have had water come inside,” said Marlon Fick.

Fick has lived on Center Ave. for the last three years, he’s tried to make some safety measures for his home.

“We’ve put in this wall to try to keep the fast water out, but that doesn’t stop the low tide or the tide from rising,” Fick said.

And people living here say the flooding on their street also poses a danger to drivers.

“This whole area was flooded out that you could not get through even if you had an SUV or pick up truck there was a Dodge ram sitting over there in the intersection for like 4 hours, said Aaron Grham.

Neighbors say all they can do is prepare for the next flood.

“The water comes from all over and into this street and it’s just incredibly frustrating.” Boatman said.

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