ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Sharon Jackman and family are trying to cope after so much was lost in a fire last Friday, including their home and two of their cars.

They said they they’re grateful for the help from locals, and hope they continue to get some support.

Odessa Fire Rescue said the cause of the fire is undetermined right now.

Odessa Fire Rescue said Friday night around 5:30, a fire broke out in a mobile home in the 3900 block of South Fulton Street in Odessa.

Taylor Andress is a family member of the victims and she said, “It’s something you don’t think is going to happen to your family or anybody.”

The family said the neighbors heard a large explosion when it all started. The flames spread to the cars parked outside the trailer and even made their way to a trailer next-door, causing damage there as well.

Jackman is one of the owners of the home. She said, the most heartbreaking part was loosing their cats and dogs that she said were more than just their pets.

“The kids have been devastated really, I mean, I lost my 10 year old chihuahua. My son lost his 3 year old chihuahua, which was like his best friend, and like I said my daughter, they were her cats and it’s just been really rough,” added a distraught Jackman.

She said her husband’s family had an open trailer that they offered them to stay in until they can get back on their feet and several locals have donated essentials to help them through the day to day too.

Jackman said, “That’s been actually really great and it helps smooth all the horrible things that have happened over a little bit, knowing that people are willing to help, and just the little things. It’s been really gracious to see that all those people are willing to help someone they don’t know.”

While they know they weren’t the ones hurt directly from this fire, the family said they are devastated to see those they love hurting so bad.

“I love you guys, I will always be there to help you through anything,” added family member Michael Jackman.

Sharon said while they lost all their valuables, they are just grateful to have been able to escape the fire.

She added, “We all made it, we’re all together and we just got to stick together as a family and help each other get through it.”

Odessa Fire Rescue said they can’t investigate how the fire started because there was so much damage.