ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – An Odessa family is picking up the pieces after a fire damaged their home earlier Saturday morning.

The family says flames ignited inside of a backyard shed before spreading to their home around 7 A.M. on Glenda Avenue close to Andrews Highway and 57th Street in Odessa.

Thankfully nobody was injured in the fire and everyone in the family got out safely. Still, the family lost some important items in the fire that they’ll need help to replace.

Gracie Garcia and her family have lived at 5611 Glenda Avenue for three years.

The family has a lot of mouths to feed between seven people, three turtles, three birds, and seven dogs. On Saturday morning, one of those family members served as a distressing alarm clock.

“We heard my son yelling. My oldest son was yelling, everybody was asleep, that the house was on fire,” said homeowner Gracie Garcia.

“He said the shed so we’re thinking it was our next door neighbor and I walk outside and it’s ours. So we run in there we get all my kids up and we come outside and get my animals out and we just call 9-1-1.”

Garcia said Odessa Fire and Rescue cited an electrical shortage in their shed as the cause of the fire which spread to the back of the house.

The family lost new windows that hadn’t been put up yet, children’s bed mattresses, pots and pans, and their Christmas tree. However they didn’t lose what was most important.

“That’s what I’m grateful for. That me, my kids, my husband we’re all okay,” said Garcia. “We’re all healthy. My animals are fine. I mean there is no price on that.”

The family needs help from the community, specifically with replacing their windows and mattresses.

While the fire has created needs for the family to address, it has also given Garcia some perspective on her community and what matters to her the most.

“I’m very grateful for the neighbors as well that they came out. They called 9-1-1 before we even did,” said Garcia.

“I appreciate that but what I learned from this is life is short. We’re here today, tomorrow we don’t know.”

Since the house has no electricity the family will be staying with other relatives for now.

If you wish to help the family by donating windows or mattresses, you can email them at graciiegarciiia2121@gmail.com.