ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – One local yoga studio is using special yoga techniques to help the community de-stress during the pandemic.

rOming Yoga Studio in Odessa is a unique space created for people to unwind and quiet their minds for about an hour each day every Monday through Sunday.

Instructor and co-owner Nancy Burrelli says that this location is one of the only yoga studios in Odessa and offers a number of classes from beginners to experts.

“Well, the benefits of Yoga are for your body and for your mind. Attaching your breath to your movement and it’s for everybody, you don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to be of a certain age or athletic, it’s open and welcome to everyone” says Burrelli.

Instructor Terry Hurt taught the 6 am class this morning and says that people always come up to her at the end of each session saying that they feel more relaxed than when first waking up that morning.

“No one has ever said I wish I hadn’t come to class this morning, that’s something they never say everyone always says it might be a little hard to get here and getting out of bed and getting moving but it’s so totally worth it,” says Hurt.

rOming Yoga studio has its grand opening this Saturday, January 15th kicking off with free classes at 9 & 11:30 am and 2 pm along with a meet and greet from 6-9 pm.