Finding her family: “Baby Girl Doe” returns to Odessa after decades


For Kristin Brown, her time in Odessa hasn’t been long. In fact, she’s only been here for around a month. But for her full story, we need to go back decades.

In August 1988, a baby was found in the back of a pickup truck at the 7-Eleven on Andrews and University. That little girl was Brown, who at that time was nicknamed “baby girl doe.” 

She was then adopted, and her family went to Missouri.

“Since being adopted into a foundling it was a hard life. Finding out who I was is really important to me,” says Brown.

 Brown lived most of her life in Missouri, and recently her adoptive father passed away. This caused her to use websites like to finally locate her biological family.

“They were so gracious and they invited me to Odessa, and have showed more love than I have ever had in my life,” says Brown.

However it hasn’t been a perfect story. Brown’s direct family including her biological mother, doesn’t want anything to do with her. 

However, that didn’t stop her Great Aunt Dorothy Alvarado from bringing her in.

“I just told her and said, we might not have a big house or anything but we’ve got God and a lot of love to give you. That’s what I am doing, giving her a lot of love,” says Alvarado.

For Kristin Brown, these past few months haven’t been the easiest ones. But she wants her story to teach others that no matter what, always search for who you truly are.

“Being a foundling or being adopted could have a big toll on someone’s life,” says Brown. “So please be compassionate about that, and just talk to them one time and please just give them a conversation and let them have closure.”

Brown has been an advocate of the Nation Safe Haven Alliance. A group who helps mothers with multiple difficult situations. 

If you want to find out more about this organization, you can click here.

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