GoGo Athletica is a new company that provides fashion and functional athletic clothing for women.

“It’s made to GoGo wherever you’re going,” says founding partner Jessica Rule. “It’s trendy enough to go to brunch, but functional enough for a hard work out.”

GoGo Athletica offers leggings, tops and some accessories, currently totaling more than 30 products.

“People can live in workout clothes,” says founding partner Percy Engineer. “I know I do most of the time.”

Both Rule and Engineer saw an opportunity at the end of 2020 to do something big in the women’s athletic clothing market.

“It’s the fastest growing segment in the clothing industry,” says Engineer. “The more research we did, we said this might be something really interesting.”

The two officially launched GoGo Athletica just a few weeks ago. They told me they’re not looking to make trendy clothes, but rather timeless fashion.

“Everything we have looked good two years ago, and it will look good two years from now,” says Engineer.

The website is now up. The company ships to the entire U.S., and you’ll see them at different pop up events around the Basin.

Check out the video above to see more on what GoGo Athletica has to offer