PECOS, Texas (Nexstar) – On Decemeber 11th 2021, Texas DPS reported a fatal accident on I-20 in Ward County that took the life of 25 year old Shaiden Paul Abila. Now, Abila’s family is seeking answers for just exactly what happened to their son that night that lead to the tragic crash.

Abila’s mother, Valerie Celaya says that Shaiden was on his way to visit family the night the accident happened.

“I was just assuming I would see him eventually and he just never made it, he was almost there” says Celaya.

After speaking with his mother, she told us that Shaiden was not alone at the scene of the accident and that 2 women aided her son while waiting for police to arrive.

“A vehicle struck Shaiden from behind causing him to go into the barrier and then went on to almost hit the vehicle that was in front of Shaiden and then just kept going, a lady who was almost hit by the same vehicle realized that something was going on and she’s the one that pulled over to render aid and call 911 her and another lady who I think was a nurse gave him CPR”, says Celaya.

Family and friends across social media have shared thoughtful messages about Shaiden and the leagcy he’s leaving behind.

“He touched so many people, he was such an outgoing person, he had so many friends, so many people loved him”, says Valerie Celaya.

Shaiden leaves behind a 2 year old daughter who his family plans on setting up a finacial account for to make sure that she’s taken care of.

“Everything he did was for her, and we know that doing this is what he would’ve wanted”, says Celaya.

Shaiden’s family asks the public that if you saw anything or know anything about the crash that happened on I-20 in Ward County on December 11th, contact Khaidenze Abila at (432)-250-0473.