WINK, Texas (Nexstar) – Family and friends are remembering the life of former Wink three-sport athlete Wade Halterman who died in a car crash on Sunday afternoon.

Wade played a sport all year round throughout his high school career, from football, to basketball, and even track and field.

Nicknamed Golden Boy, Wade saw sports as a chance to see the value in others.

“If you were a water boy or his quarterback, you had just as much to offer, had just as much to value.”

“He was the same person with everyone. He wasn’t like a chameleon,” said Wade’s mother Courtney Orr.

His consistent energy and general happiness made him a person you wanted to be around.

“He always had a smile on his face. He’d wake up with a smile on his face and go to bed with a smile on his face,” said Wade’s father Garron Halterman.

“It didn’t matter what kind of day he had or didn’t have. He always made it playful and fun put it that way. That’s how he was.”

As outgoing as Wade was, it’s the smaller moments, such as after football practice, that stand out to his loved ones.

“We would have a lot of silent trips back to the house just because we’d both be so tired,” said Wade’s brother Thomas Halterman.

“Those silent moments are just moments that speak to me now because it was just me and him and it was just us at our purest and that no one else saw. No one else got to see and it was just me and him.”

A memorial service is planned for Wade at 10:00 on Thursday morning at Wildcat Field where he will be honored before Wink’s playoff game later that night.

The investigation into the crash is still ongoing.