MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The family of 39-year-old Tameeka Jackson is speaking out tonight after the Midland County Sheriff’s Office said she was shot and killed Monday morning at the Quick Track Convenience Store off of Highway 80.

Tameeka now leaves behind five children and a broken family.

Jackson’s family said that morning, they experienced the worst type of pain. They said they’re absolutely heartbroken and shocked that something like this could happen to someone they loved.

“Be brave, just be brave,” said a consoling Vickey Garrett, aunt of Tameeka, as Tameeka’s daughter, Jayla cried.

The police affidavit revealed, Tameeka and 24-year-old Israel Yanez II, got into an argument over Jackson allegedly being pregnant. The affidavit states Yanez II entered the convenience store where Jackson worked and shot her an unknown number of times.

Her oldest daughter Jayla said her mom’s death leaves a huge whole in their hearts.

“I can’t even go to sleep because I see her. I can’t even go to sleep because every time I do I see my mom,” said a very emotional Jayla.

She said her mom has saved her and her siblings in more ways than one throughout their lives, and wish they could’ve done the same for her.

Now, Jayla said she’s hurting because she can no longer talk to her best friend.

“Me and my mom would always do everything together. I would go everywhere with her and she would go everywhere with me,” cried Jayla. “And she said that if we ever needed help that we could talk to her but now I can’t even talk to my mom anymore, because someone wanted to take her away from me.”

Vickey said she took Tameeka in when her mother passed away when she was young. She said the family is in complete disbelief.

Vickey repeated, “Didn’t believe it, didn’t believe it, didn’t believe it.”

And Jayla added, “I thought I was just dreaming, because I just waked up, and I didn’t want to believe that something happened to my mom.”

They both hoped Tameeka knows she will be loved and missed.

“Just we love her and we miss her already,” said Vickey.

“And I will keep her in my heart, no matter what,” added Jayla.

Now the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the cost of funeral arrangements and help support Jackson’s five children.

If you’d like to donate, head to this GoFundMe link.