Upwards of 1,500 people are homeless in the Permian Basin and unfortunately that number is not dropping. But, one group is dedicated to helping anyone who is homeless find financial stability, but more importantly find independence.

As Family Promise of Midland celebrates “Family Promise Week”, their focus is on their mission to get homeless families into a home sweet home of their own.

Helena Medrano is a guest at Family Promise of Midland.

“The name Family Promise stands by what it says,” says Helena.

Living in poverty before, Helena came to the program with her two children for help; to go from homeless to homeowner.

“You’re allowed to save money in the bank, pay-off debt.  It gives you the chance to focus on your goals and what your future is,” explains Helena.

Nicole Wiseman is a case worker for Family Promise and says there’s a set of rules families must follow, including: keeping a job and saving 80 percent of their paycheck in order to stay at a host home for free.

“We actually even pay for daycare services so our families can go straight on to working or go to school,” says Wiseman.

The length of the program depends on each family, but it typically takes 2 to 3 months for families to get their finances in order to become self-sufficient.

“And, when they come to us and we begin to work with them, you see that transformation from a person who has been beaten down, to people that now have hope and faith and they believe in themselves and they can carry on,” says Executive Director Tom Miller.

If you stick with the program, it will work for you says Miller.

“It gives you hope and a future that there is people that care,” says Helena.

Family Promise of Midland takes in any combination of family; whether that be a single mom with children, single dad with children or a couple with children.

Currently, 17 church congregations support Family Promise of Midland.