ODESSA, Texas — One Texas family is travelling all across the state in hopes to get their loved one off of death row. Melissa Lucio has been sentenced to be executed on April 27th, her family says she’s innocent.

Today the family was in Odessa trying to get the word out about the case, by promoting the documentary made about her case.

Family members of Melissa Lucio were outside the Ector County Courthouse Monday fighting for her freedom. Lucio could be the first Latin woman ever to be executed in Texas for her crimes.

“What do we want? Watch the film. When do we want it? Now!” screamed family members outside the courthouse.

In February of 2007, 54-year-old Melissa Lucio was arrested after Harlingen Police said she beat her 2-year-old daughter to death. Now she has been sentenced to die, and if nothing changes, will be executed on April 27th.

After 15 years behind bars Lucio’s family said they hope that the dreadful day never comes. Now they are going all over Texas, including a stop in Odessa, to get others to watch a documentary that they said is evidence to help Lucio get released.

Lucio’s sister Sonya Alvarez is a part of the efforts and said, “We’re asking people to watch the film, The State vs Melissa. Melissa was wrongfully accused of murdering her two year old daughter. Please set Melissa free.”

Alvarez said the death of 2-year-old, Mariah, was an accident and Lucio was not at fault. She, along with the rest of the family, said that Lucio has been made out to be a monster.

“She is not an abuser more less a murderer, but they’re claiming her to be,” emphasized Alvarez.

The oldest of Melissa Lucio’s 14 children, John Lucio, said he was only 17 when his mother was taken from his family. He said while she wasn’t always the best mother she would never do anything to hurt her children.

“She was never the monster that they made her out to be. I mean out of all 14 of the children, not once has my mother abused. She was just a big teddy bear, she couldn’t put her hands on us,” added John Lucio.

John Lucio said that the past fifteen years have been some of the hardest for him and his family but they continue to spread awareness and aren’t giving up on helping their loved one.

“Knowing that my mother has an execution date for April 27th, it’s been really hard, it’s been a struggle, I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m overwhelmed, but I know I gotta fight to fight for my mother, and this is something a son should do for his mother,” added an emotional John Lucio.

The family has set up an online petition for Lucio to be released and if you’d like to watch the film, you can find it on Hulu.

For more information on this case and petitions, you can head to the FreeMelissaLucio.org website.