48-year old, Felix John Jaramillo, lost his life to an unforgiving motorcycle crash Wednesday night. The three vehicle crash happened on University and Bonham.

“I miss him so much… He was my soulmate,” said Jaramillo’s fiancée, Priscilla Pacheco. 

Pacheco’s daughter, Bridgett Husky, say the two lovers were inseparable.

“My mom has never been this happy,” explained Husky. “I just thanked him, thanked him… I was telling him I love him and saying thank you for everything he’s done for us.”

Jaramillo was on his way home from a meeting when the incident occurred. Pacheco says she was watching television when she had a gut-feeling to send him a text message. When she received no response, she became worried.

Minutes later, she got the call.

“She said you’re on speaker, and I said, ‘What happened babe?’ And he said, ‘I don’t feel my legs babe.’ I said ‘I’m on my way. I love you,’ and he said he loved me, too.”

Whether by fate, or by God’s destiny, the two who come to Jaramillo’s rescue were Jack and LeAndra Burcham. They are the parents of the three Midland triplets that died in May.

“Her and her husband were his guardian angels,” said Pacheco. “And I, deeply appreciate everything that they did for him. They did not let him go alone. I couldn’t be there, and they were there for him and let me at least talk to him one last time.”

Pacheco says her and her fiancé shared their passion for family and for motorcycles. She never predicted what brought them so much joy could also bring them so much pain.

“We got the bike back,” explained Pacheco. “How could this come back and work? And be fine, and he not make it?”

She says the hardest part is having to let go.

“I want to see him walk in the door. I look at the door… around the door there.”

GoFundMe: Priscilla Pacheco and Felix John Jaramillo

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