MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) — A Midland family is searching for their loved one after she went missing on Tuesday evening. Chloe Robledo’s family said her disappearance happened after meeting with some friends outside her families apartment and then frantically taking off. Chloe’s father explains that’s when Chloe’s mother got a call from their daughter that no parent wants to hear from their child…

“She received a phone call from my daughter saying that she was sorry. Tell dad I love him, I love you. She was hysterically saying that she was leaving.”

Now her family is left trying to piece the puzzle together, questioning that motive behind her disappearance, something they say they never saw coming. Chloe’s father explained to us that himself and Chloe’s mother shared a great relationship with their daughter and that there was never a red flag that would have signaled them that something like this could have ever happened.

However, Chloe’s sister shared with us that Chloe had been dealing with some mental health problems as well as some disruption with her on again off again boyfriend. Her sister remains hopeful that Chloe will return home and knows that the undeniable bond they both share with each other has been the string of hope she continues to hold onto.

The family asks that if you do have any information about where Chloe may be to contact them at the numbers listed below or the Midland Police Department.

Joe Robledo, Father (432) 296-8027

Tammy Galindo, Mother (432) 290-0012

Midland Police Department (432) 685-7108