MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Family and friends of Caitlin Denison have launched a new fundraiser with one goal in mind; finding the woman who has been missing for more than five years. 

“Unfortunately, our progress on Caitlin’s case has slowed down tremendously as we have no money left to pay for the investigation. If you have a few extra dollars to spare, please consider donating to our gofundme. We were making such great progress, but it has stopped since we ran out of money,” loved ones said in a social media post. 

While few details have been made public in the case, the independent investigation has yielded results in recent months, according to the Facebook group, Find Caitlin Denison.

In June, the family released new information about the woman’s flight and location at the time of her disappearance, in the hopes that the new information may trigger someone’s memory.

Caitlin was just 19 when she boarded a plane headed for the Basin in January of 2018. She told her family she was heading to Midland with a man she met in Reno. Now, the family said they know Caitlin landed in Midland around 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 9 of that year.

“Were you, or do you know someone who was on this flight? Please help us find anyone who was on this flight: passengers, flight attendants, and pilots. Someone on this flight may have seen or talked to my sister,” said Caitlin’s sister Rachael.

Loved ones said they received a call from Caitlin around 2:30 p.m. on January 10, one day after she landed in Midland, and that Caitlin said she was using the wi-fi at a Midland Walmart to make the call because she didn’t have service. During that phone call, Caitlin also reportedly told her family she was scared for her life. She’s not been heard from since.

The locations pictured below are places Caitlin allegedly visited while in the area:

“We have also confirmed that Caitlin was seen looking for work at Rick’s Cabaret…if you worked here or know someone who worked here in January 2018, please message us. Someone has to have seen something,” Caitlin’s loved ones said in a Facebook post.

The blonde haired, blue-eyed woman is described as 5 feet tall and weighing 120 pounds. She has a tattoo on her left finger of an alien head and the letter “M.” She also has a Libra scale tattoo on her left forearm. In addition, she has two piercings on each side of her nose and a piercing on her bottom lip. She was known to wear the clothing pictured below and may have been wearing that when she disappeared.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 432-694-TIPS. The first tip that helps solve the case will be worth a $2,500 cash reward.  

If you’d like to donate, you’ll find that fundraiser here