Fake police calls and how they affect officers


Police across the country respond to thousands of calls everyday, and unfortunately here in Odessa one was fake.

“I don’t think that is right at all. They can use those services for someone who really needs it,” said one man in Odessa.

This Sunday, nearly a dozen police officers crowded near 42nd and Dixie. This all happened because a woman called them saying somebody had stolen a vehicle and kidnapped her child. It turns out it was all false, and she’s now been charged with a crime.

“False reports occur a lot more than people realize. There are different levels too,” says Steve Lesueur.

Lesueur works with Odessa Police, he says filing a false report to law enforcement can range from a misdemeanor to even a felony charge.

“Again we take every one of these calls very serious. Especially when there is a potential abduction,” he said.

Odessa Police have seen false reports many times in the past. And while the severity may sometimes be different, they agree all of them can be a waste of time and resources.

“Always be truthful. If you make a false report to a police officer, you can be held accountable,” says Lesueur.

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